Video of the Week – Spreadsheet Invasion

I haven’t been as proactive as I should have been since I got back to this (woops) and received another handslap for my troubles (thanks Ste!). There is a real post coming (with words and everything!) but, for now, it’s Video of the Week time!

Those of you who get the tube regularly or have gotten it before will know the drudgery and monotony of standing on the platform, staring across at a soot-laden wall, waiting for the next train. Man, those two minutes can really drag! With this in mind, London Underground have commissioned a series of silent videos to be broadcast on platforms along the network in a bid to enliven the misery of morning commutes. The campaign is called Smile for London. It will run from the 17 – 28 January 2011 on weekday mornings and evenings during the rush hour commute. Further information can be found by clicking on this linky thing right here:

Cheers, London Underground, you’ve made my mornings 20 seconds less crap!

The first video is by student, Amy Thornley, and is titled ‘Spreadsheet Invasion’. Check it out below:

For the record, I think my favourite one is ‘Lazy’, although watching it drunk probably wouldn’t be the best idea in the world. If anyone happens to see any of these in stations around London, let me know what you think!


Video of the Week – Inception Cat

I think the last time I did this was around six months ago… so it’s Video of the Half Year really!

Alright, this week’s video isn’t exactly new and I’m guessing anyone who’s reading this knows me and I’ve probably made you watch it several times as I roll on the floor, gasping for breath like a fat bird trying to make it up the stairs… But I love it, I truly love it. There’s drama, there’s suspense, there’s a cat-what more you could you ask of YouTube?