So, Switzerland, eh?

So. Zurich. That happened. Is still happening, in fact. After I got my shit together and packed, I made the biggest move of my life, to date. And here I am! In Switzerland, of all places. 

It’s been nearly six months now. I can’t quite believe that… In many ways, it seems like a couple of weeks, in others, like I’ve been here for years. And that’s a positive thing. I’ve settled in but the city still feels new and fresh and (despite all prior evidence to the contrary), exciting. It’s incredible here. The quality of life is so high. I can’t describe it accurately right now so maybe I’ll wait for another time, when I feel I can do it justice. 

The people. The people are what really make a place, right? I love Swiss people. I fully expected the stereotype, which was so awful of me, considering I come from a culture so maligned by lazy caricatures that I should be more aware or vigilant of applying the same rules of unfairness to other nationalities, but I didn’t. I came with this preconceived notion of boring, quiet, straight-laced, cold people and the truth couldn’t be more different. I love Swiss people! They’re funny, warm, have the strangest language EVER, the best chocolate known to man and (the ones I’ve met so far, anyway) have been so welcoming. I am very proud to say I have Swiss friends here.  

The Irish expat community has been an especially great way to meet people and make friends, too. I joined the local GAA club (proper emigrant, me!) and I have met some fantastic people and made some fast friends. The experience of those who have moved here and their willingness to help you out is so encouraging. They’ve all been through it before – the big move – and know how tough it can be so people here are instantly prone to offering you help to build your sofa or help you move house, find a flatmate etc. And they’re funny. They’re funny as fuck. 

But the person who has made the move for me sooooo much easier has to be Brian (GingerBlogMan). Brian and I were mates in university all those years ago and to have him (and his partner in love and crime, Anthony) in Zurich when I was making the decision to take the job was what really made my mind up to move. They really sold the place to me and if they weren’t here, I’m honestly not sure what I would have done on my own in a strange new city with no friends and only my work colleagues for company. They came around yesterday to build some furniture and mentioned that they needed to get me a house-warming gift – eh, you gave me friends! Can there be a better present than that? 

So that’s it for now. Niamhy (MetroChica) and I are starting a health kick so I need to go find some inspiring pictures of people with better bodies than us and super healthy recipes. Oh yeah, it’s January, baby. 

Adieu! Image


One thought on “So, Switzerland, eh?

  1. Trying not to get emotional now, tearing up a bit. You made my Zurich when you moved here. You are like a little piece of Home I can call mine (I hope you don’t find that creepy). Yay Super Friends Extra Bonus Party!

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